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Version 18 is out and as of 9/18/2023 - latest version is 18.3.3. Why is the latest version here 17.14?

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rating Beginner
I use WB16 and I can say that the program has a lot of features, but it can also be terribly impractical to use. The method of selecting objects is bad. Scrolling a page that has a lot of content is a nightmare in the editor. The author refused to correct the observed defects. Similar programs do not have these problems.

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rating Michael Lloyd
WYSIWYG Web Builder is an amazing product. About 5 years ago I exhaustively searched the Internet for an application to design websites that provided visual design, and generated code with few or no limitations. Web Builder is that application. It can do ANYTHING anyone could want or need when developing websites.
Fixed and fluid website design, login and CMS capability, many layout features, robust user group and outstanding aggressive development that stays on the bleeding edge of what is possible.
Web Builder provides hundreds of extensions/widgets, and makes it possible to add custom code ANYWHERE in your website. Possibilities are limitless.
Additionally Web Builder is an outstanding tool for a more novice user and an advanced developer. It makes website development fairly easy and fast without sacrificing power and capability ─ it has no equal.

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rating Sergio
This is an awesome program!

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I have begun using WYSIWYG WebBuilder since version 7. Now it is at version 16 and very soon to version 17. Every time it is being easier and more enhanced.
The cost for every upgrade, despite that every upgrade includes more than 200 additions and improvements is very symbolic (50% for official users).
Keep the good work WYSIWYG WebBuilder developers.
Thank you.

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Fantastic software and the support is the best.

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Be advised of this product. Once downloaded it stays in hiding. never new if it was open or closed. Very hard to uninstall completely. My computer was very unstable , I could not bring up browsers, or programs at least 50% of the time unless I did a restart.I removed that program and a couple of other suspecious programs and my computer is back to normal. I did not see anything Unlocker promised.

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Pretty nice software. Biggrin :thumb-up: especially if your used to working in the .NET programing languages like me with all the form tools.

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Damm Good Software !! must Have with Web Designer . I love the Stuff

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